Friday, July 8, 2016

Recycled, Handmade & Hand Painted

The raw material is procured using metal recycled from oil drums, the flattened metal sheets are then processed with anti-rust and anti-odor treatments and finally hand-molded into beautiful metal containers.
These containers are lovingly hand-painted by our talented artisans making each piece unique and different from the other!
The jute lace adorning the containers is woven from old rice gunny bags. Recycled paper is used for our hand-tags and gift boxes as.
Our aim is to build an eco-friendly line using 100% natural and recycled materials

What makes us Unique ?
A lot of other candle lines carry glass and terracotta but we are one of the very few who carry a line of metal containers.  
Also, our beautiful and unique flower toppers are a Bali Mantra exclusive and can easily blend into any d├ęcor!

Customizing Candles !
Since all the wax is hand-poured only on order, the customer has the option to customize any container in any of the 18 available fragrances!
The customer can first shortlist the fragrances that they like from our miniature tester bar and then select the packaging to go with it!

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