Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Vintage Marketplace in December

The Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow is one of the best places to find something you love.  There are so many talented artists and beautiful booths the hardest part is deciding what treasure you will take home.
               Above is the pink area, the table is topped with a tree filled with vintage ornaments.
             Just a few of Jenelle Van de Mortel's beautiful handpainted vintage ornaments.
                                                                     Jenelle Van De Mortel
                       Beautiful  Jackie-0 a.k.a. Paris Cowgirl - Sylvia - in a wonderful yellow coat.
                                  Nicki Glade's booth across from us.  What a great view!
                                                                   I love these purses!
Lori Guttierez in her booth.  Behind her are those awesome purses.

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Jenelle said...

What a great show! Loved that we got to hang out and see everyone -- I got so wrapped up in everything that I forgot to take pics - thanks so much for posting these:)