Monday, May 7, 2012

A French General magical day doing WOAD

Had a wonderful day WOAD dyeing this Saturday at one of my favorite places, French General.  We started out the day at French General where we were treated to a royal welcome and did some shopping.  I then carpooled with my friend Jenelle and new friend Janette!  Our destination was a private area of Elysian Park where large vats of woad dye was waiting for us.  After a short lecture we pulled out all our white linens, cottons and wool and started dyeing.  The process was amazing.  Watching our fabric go from a yellow to a beautiful blue once the air hit our pieces was fascinating.  The different shades of blue hanging from the clotheslines was a sight to see.  It was a magical day.

This is the rare and beautiful blue color derived from the Woad plant.

 Denise is here from France to teach us how to WOAD!  Kick (Kari's mom)
  is sitting next to her detangling my dyed thread.

Here I am with Kari Meng, owner of French General

Dyed in the wool!

 Love this French General stamped sign on the outside of the store

A shelf of goodies at FG.

Some of the notions at French General
The day was so much more fun with my
 good friend, Jenelle (left) and my new friend, Janette.

Some of my favorite things - linen!

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Jenelle-Van de Mortel Designs said...

What an incredible day!! Love your pics!