Monday, January 21, 2013


I met Carol when she moved in next door and we became fast friends.  Carol was fun, she was gorgeous and ambitious.  She was successful at everything she set her mind to.  Little did I know when she moved in that she was going to introduce me to my new career.  Carol had a Medical Transcription home based business and before long she had enlisted me to take classes and help her out so she could grow her business.  With her as my mentor I was able to start my own business and did very well though I marveled at how she was able to get the best clients and make top dollar year after year.  

After years of doing this Carol wanted a change and decided she was going to start selling candles at home parties.  I was dumbfounded that she would give up such a lucrative business to do home parties!  But before too long Carol was again top producer with a record number of sales people under her.  She received bonuses, earned free trips and was again making lots of money.  How did she do this?

I recently shared my story of how I was always putting everyone and everything before myself or my business.  A phone call or request to do something else would easily side track me from my intended goals for the day.  Carol's story is different.  I'd like to share what Carol did that put her at the top of her field.  Carol took her desire for accomplishment seriously and this is how she showed it:

  • She set up a beautiful and professional office in her home with all the latest electronic equipment and office supplies.  She even bought a state-of-the-art office chair!
  • She set office hours and made sure family, friends and neighbors knew what those were.
  • She dressed for success - no working in her pj's.
  • She continued her education by taking classes, seminars, buying books in her field.  She was not adverse to spending money as long as it meant it was furthering her goals.
  • She always asked for the sale.  I hosted my first-ever home party for her because she asked!
  • Follow-up, follow-up.  When it was "time" for me to host another party she would call to set the date.
  • She had a mentor.  In each of her businesses she had someone who could guide her through her field and promote her within it.
  • She was passionate about what she did.  She had no problem talking about her product and her business and could enthuse others with her passion.
Accomplishment is hard and on some level can be pretty selfish.  To really devote yourself to achieving something, becoming an artist, an entrepreneur, a writer, or selling candles, you have to really want it, have a vision of what you want and throw your whole weight behind it.

When you take yourself seriously and are passionate about what you do you will find others that share your passion.  When you do, you will find your community and that can be the greatest feeling in the world.

Come meet my community at 
The Los Angeles Mart Gift Show
wholesale trade show
January 23 - 28, 2013
9 am to 6 pm
Friday open til 8 pm


The Painted Garden said...

Hi Lydia,
Thank you for your informative and inspirational post.

Wishing you much succss at the gift show.

Have a lovely day.
P.S. Have you heard about the new Lido Village Artisian Market in Newport Beach? Check it out on FB - lots of great vendors selling beautiful and creative items - I thought about you!

Lydia said...

Erin, thank you so much for your lovely comments. I really appreciate your support. I had not heard about the Newport Beach artisan market. I will definitely check it out on FB.
Let's talk soon about Rowdy Ridge :)

The Painted Garden said...

Yes, let's talk soon about Rowdy Ridge. I heard about a sewing group in Orange that sews for various charities and am going to see if I can locate them - it would be great to find a group to make pillows or something for the Mom's cabin. My sister was going to make pillows, but just had knee replacement and am not sure if she is up to it. Have you looked at the videos on the Enchanted Makeovers website? They are very inspiring and we can get some ideas for the Mom's cabins.

Talk to you soon. E.

Lydia said...

I will take a look at both of those, thanks for the info. Let's connect after the gift show.

vintagesusie said...

Loved this Lydia...what wonderful words of encouragement & support!!!
It's true, you must really pursue your passion as if it is a business, that's where I get lost...I still want it to be my passion, but I'm learning!
Big Hugs...